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Dissecting Human Capital

Resource type: Research Report

Tony Proscio, Duke University Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society |

When Atlantic invested in wide-ranging reform of Viet Nam’s public health and primary health care systems, it set out first and foremost to fill a leadership gap — that is, to find, train, equip and extend the influence of the country’s brightest, most skilled and passionate health leaders and innovators.

This report tells the story of that systemic transformation and how Atlantic helped to create deep and large-scale improvements in health and health care for millions of Vietnamese. Also a case study of purpose-driven philanthropy, the report draws out several principles and lessons that could guide similar human capital investments in any field or country.

Atlantic commissioned this report.

VIDEO: How did Atlantic work to improve public health and primary health care in Viet Nam – and what lessons did it learn along the way?

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