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A Case Study in Policy Entrepreneurship: The Centre for Disability Law & Policy, National University of Ireland, Galway

Resource type: Research Report

Susan Parker |

Carefully researched studies are essential for advocates to make persuasive arguments to legislators and for policymakers to make informed decisions. But too often academic research is disconnected from the real world concerns of those who make or wish to influence policy.

The Centre for Disability Law & Policy based at the National University of Ireland, Galway, is a rare example of a university research centre that is having a positive impact on policy and practice. This centre has influenced domestic, regional and international policy in disability rights. It has done so through its accessible research and training of advocates and academics in the field. Few such research centres have made this kind of impact.

This case study documents how the centre became such an integral resource to policymakers and practitioners. It highlights the practical steps the centre took to become so useful to so many people and institutions. In addition to capturing the centre’s key accomplishments, the case study includes its challenges and lessons learned—both for funders considering an investment in such centres and other university centres seeking to make a bigger impact.

The Centre for Disability Law & Policy was an Atlantic grantee

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