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Harvest Time for The Atlantic Philanthropies – 2012-2013: Decline & Rise

Resource type: Research Report

Tony Proscio, Duke University Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society |

This report, the fourth in a series about The Atlantic Philanthropies’s concluding years, details unexpected turns in the foundation’s approach to commit its entire endowment in a limited time frame.

The report covers late 2012 through the end of 2013, some three to four years before Atlantic expects to make its final commitments, and chronicles the:

  • Decision to fundamentally change the foundation’s model for ending grant making.
  • Creation of a new phase of work called Global Opportunity and Leverage (GOAL) – new way of thinking about the foundation’s ultimate purpose and how it would end.
  • Learnings from the 2013 ending of the Foundation’s core grant making in Viet Nam, South Africa, and Bermuda.
  • Planning and communications to employees about when their jobs would end, including instituting twice yearly staff reductions.
  • Exploration of Atlantic’s impact on and lessons learned from its work in the US on school discipline policies and on dementia care in the Republic of Ireland.

Atlantic commissioned this report.

The report is also available on the Duke University Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society website, along with a blog post by Tony Proscio.

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