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Beyond the Win: Pathways for Policy Implementation

Resource type: Research Report

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When it comes to policy, most attention is focused on “the win.” But—as so many advocates know—“the win” is just the beginning. Once a policy has been “won,” it moves to the policy implementation phase, where there are innumerable new decisions to make as well as new players, obstacles and challenges.

Beyond the Win” provides an important contribution to advocates, funders and evaluators in the less-frequently theorized arena of policy implementation.

Not only does the report provide advocates with a framework for strategy, it also offers a common language for funders and evaluators to communicate about and measure the work, to assess progress and support course corrections.

This brief was commissioned as part of the Atlas Learning Project, a collaborative effort with the Center for Evaluation Innovation and Atlantic Philanthropies to capture and share lessons from advocacy and policy change efforts supported by Atlantic and other funders.