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Better Together? Philanthropy and Government: Lessons from The Atlantic Philanthropies and Irish Government Partnership-based Co-Investments

Resource type: Research Report

Institute of Public Administration |

This study shows how philanthropy, civil society organizations and government can work together to effectively build capacity and enhance policy and service delivery. It also offers lessons for philanthropies and government drawn from the successes and failures of Atlantic’s and the Irish Government’s co-investments.

Authors Richard Boyle and Laura Shannon examined 19 investments totaling €99m that Atlantic made in partnership with the Irish Government in the areas of children and youth, dementia and disability. Atlantic’s grants, which it made as the foundation was preparing to exit from its work in Ireland, leveraged an additional €260 million in public funding.

Based on their findings, the authors conclude “that philanthropy and government joint funding of interventions can lead to long-term lasting positive change” as well as “better outcomes for citizens” and “new ways” for philanthropy and government to work together.

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Atlantic commissioned this report. Institute of Public Administration is an Atlantic grantee.