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Ageing in Bermuda

Resource type: Research Report

Fordham University, Ravazzin Center for Social Work Research in Aging |

To meet the needs of a growing number of seniors in Bermuda, policymakers can take two initial key initiatives:  establish a caregiver resource center and set up a care information service on community resources for physicians and others, according to this report commissioned by The Atlantic Philanthropies.

The following excerpt introduces the concepts you will find in the full report.

Ageing in Bermuda: Meeting the Needs of Seniors reports on the findings of a comprehensive needs assessment conducted in 2004 by Fordham University’s Ravazzin Center for Social Work Research in Aging. Fordham University was invited by The Atlantic Philanthropies to assess the needs of Bermuda’s seniors and caregivers. The project was planned to assist the Bermuda community to respond to the challenge of a rapidly growing ageing population with services and programs. It did not address service standards and quality.

The project was designed to answer two questions:

  • What are the compelling service needs of Bermuda’s seniors and their family caregivers?

  • How can programs and services best meet these needs?