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Our On-going Legacy: the Atlantic Fellows and the Atlantic Philanthropies Archives

While Atlantic’s grant-making has ended, our legacy remains an active catalyst of change. Through the Atlantic Fellows programs, future generations of leaders and change-makers are given support and resources as they strive for the advancement of fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies. Our legacy also continues through our archives, which are held at Cornell University Library. While the archives are a testament to our past, they also serve as a valuable resource for foundations and individuals wanting to bring about positive change.



There are now more than 651 exceptional lifelong Atlantic Fellows from 68 countries continuing the work we started in advancing fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies. Learn more here.





A testament to Atlantic’s past and a roadmap to the future, the Atlantic Philanthropies Archives at Cornell University is a valuable resource on the lessons we learned and the populations we served during four decades of grantmaking. Learn more here.