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Youth Networking spotlights shared learning

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Belfast Telegraph |

A networking event in Belfast today will spotlight the very real differences young people are making in their communities.

Hosted by Belfast actor Dan Gordon, the Impact of Youth event has been organised by five key independent funders – Big Lottery Fund, Rank Foundation, BBC Children In Need, Lloyds TSB Foundation for Northern Ireland and The Atlantic Philanthropies.

“Today will provide an opportunity for stakeholders – from the young people themselves and their project leaders to funders from public, private and independent sectors – to network and share experiences and learning, through drama, discussion and workshops,” said Walter Rader, Northern Ireland Director of Big Lottery Fund.

By enabling stakeholders to share best practice, they hope the event – in the Odyssey’s W5 – will show how the youth sector can make any funding secured go further through a more strategic approach. “By sharing information on the types of projects which maximise positive outcomes, we would like to help enable the youth sector to take a more strategic approach to its projects and find new ways of working across agencies.“At a time when finances are stretched we believe this will help any funding secured go further.”

Video: Gary Grattan reports from the W5

Mr Rader said today’s event would also highlight the contribution made to the youth sector by independent funders.

“Independent funders are responsible for a significant share of total funding within the youth sector,” he said.“However, it is the young people who are at the heart of proceedings. This is a chance to highlight the success stories and the very real differences they are making to their own and their peers’ lives, as well as their wider communities.”

“Our young people today are potentially the leaders of tomorrow and it is projects like those represented this morning which may well foster their first taste of decision-making and leadership.”

“The inspirational stories we will hear show just a fraction of what can be achieved by young people when they are supported through challenges and empowered towards success.”

“They also underline the vital role played by funders and the opportunities that exist to get involved in helping shape tomorrow’s society.” Said Dan Gordon: “I’m delighted to be involved with this event because it’s where I see the future – with young people.
“Through my drama projects with them – whether in prison or in primary schools – I see their energy.”

“Projects like those represented here today will help give young people the opportunities, the education and the skills they need to deal with what’s coming in the world.”

“It’s the young people who make the difference.”

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