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What’s Next for After-School? Expanded Learning Time

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New York Nonprofit Press |

Point of View by Lucy Friedman Kids spend less than a quarter of their waking hours attending school. A kid who lives on the 20th floor of a Bronx high-rise is still bound by a school schedule created a century ago for families who needed the kids to tend crops. This coming school year, The After-School Corporation is launching a pilot project in a small group of New York City public schools to expand the learning day or year. Our parnters are the New York City Departments of Education and Youth and Community Development, and a group of visionary principals and community partners devoted to bringing more resources to schools and creating new possibilities for kids just beginning to discover their talents and passions. Time has finally caught up to the outmoded school calendar, and a national movement to expand and re-think the school day has achieved lift-off on a gust of common sense. It’s clear that if we ever hope to close the achievement and opportunity gaps between kids, we’ve got to expand learning beyond 3pm, and for many kids, into the summer. To read the full article, download the PDF below.

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