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Using the Film “The Help” to Help Domestic Workers

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TakePart and the National Domestic Workers Alliance | [ View Original Source (opens in new window) ]

The National Domestic Workers Alliance, an Atlantic grantee, is using the success of the movie The Help to draw attention to the issues domestic workers face across the country.

In association with TakePart they interviewed domestic workers from around the country about the issues facing nannies, housekeepers and caretakers, and what “help” means to them.

Their recently launched #BeTheHelp Campaign aims to inspire viewers of The Help to take simple actions to create respect, recognition and protections for domestic workers. Already, over 80,000 Americans have chosen to #BeTheHelp by sharing these videos, posting on Facebook, and tweeting messages of support on Twitter.

The Help

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National Domestic Workers Alliance received funding from Atlantic through a re-grant via Jewish Funds for Justice.