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US provides 28.5 million USD for anti-AIDS projects

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Vietnamese News Agency (VNA) |

The US Embassy on Oct. 7 announced three new grants totalling more than 28.5 million USD for projects aimed at combating the spread of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam. These contracts will be implemented through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The first grant of more than 15 million USD will be given to the five-year “Social Marketing and Prevention and Supportive Services in Vietnam” project to reduce HIV prevalence among most-at-risk population by promoting treatments and services, increasing safer bahaviour practices and reducing the initiation of drug use. The second project of almost 10 million USD, “Health Policy Initiative in Vietnam,” will support the Vietnamese government, civil society and networks to undertake policy and advocacy actions to improve HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. The third 3-million-USD grant will provide technical services for workplace-based prevention as well as employment and support services for high risk individuals. Through the project, PEPFAR will work to provide job opportunities and other supporting services for HIV/AIDS carriers and others considered at risk of infection. Since 2004, PEPFAR granted 232 million USD to support the provision of comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment services in Vietnam.

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