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Teach For America Receives $1.4 Million to Recruit Math, Science Teachers

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Teach for America is an Atlantic grantee.

The Minneapolis-based Medtronic Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the global medical technology company, has announced a three-year, $1.4 million grant to Teach For America to expand its national recruitment and training of math and science teachers.

A portion of the grant will be used to help grow TFA’s national math and science initiative, for which Medtronic provided the initial funding in 2007. The initiative is designed to increase the number of TFA teachers with math and science backgrounds and provide them with classroom and online training and support to enhance their effectiveness in raising student achievement. In addition, some of the funds will be used to support Teach For America’s possible expansion into Minnesota later this year as well as to provide additional resources for its programs in Memphis and Jacksonville, communities where Medtronic operates significant facilities.

“This expanded partnership will enable us to increase our regional impact and enhance the training and support of our more than two thousand math and science teachers, who are improving achievement levels for students in low-income communities across the country,” said Teach For America founder and CEO Wendy Kopp. “By placing committed, well-prepared math and science teachers in areas of greatest need, we will increase student performance and spark student interest in these fields, which is so critical to our nation’s future.”

“ Medtronic Foundation Announces $1.4 Million Grant to Teach For America.” Medtronic, Inc. Press Release 6/11/09.

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