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CALL FOR STORIES: Elders, healthcare and chronic conditions

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StoryCorps and Diverse Elders Coalition | [ View Original Source (opens in new window) ]

Share Your StoriesStoryCorps, the national interview project affiliated with the Library of Congress and NPR, is looking for stories about elders and healthcare.

StoryCorps producers are hoping to speak with: Elders who are living with multiple chronic conditions who can talk about the complications of coordinating care (or family members/caregivers who can talk about the complications of caring for an elder in that situation). These stories are being recorded in partnership with Atlantic Philanthropies. Atlantic supports the work of both StoryCorps and the Diverse Elders Coalition. One of the stories will later be showcased on the Atlantic website to help bring attention to elders and their healthcare experiences.

Please let Eve at StoryCorps know if you have any leads or wish to participate. or 646 723 7020 x 16

To learn more about StoryCorps go to

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