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Older Americans give time, money

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AARP is an Atlantic grantee.

Americans age 50 and over are more generous with their time and money than their younger counterparts, says a news study.

More than half of people 50 or older volunteer their time, and more than three in four give money to the causes they support, says the survey from Hartford Financial Services Group and AARP.

At the same time, fewer than half of people under 50 give their time, and slightly more than six in 10 give money to charity.

The most popular causes supported by older Americans are Alzheimer’s, social services, the environment and support for the military.

About half of Americans of all ages give their time, and about seven in 10 give money.

Among those who volunteer, more than one in 10 volunteer two to four days a month, while slightly fewer volunteer one day a week.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Hartford’s AARP-branded insurance programs, the company will donate $1,000 in honor of each of the 25 longest-tenured AARP policyholders to one of five charities.

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