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Giving While Living Teleconference Presented by National Center for Family Philanthropy & The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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The Atlantic Philanthropies |

On 10 November 2010, The National Center for Family Philanthropy and The Chronicle of Philanthropy presented a teleconference on “Giving While Living” with Gara LaMarche, President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, and Lenore Hanisch, Co-Executive Director and board and family member of the Quixote Foundation.

The number of limited-life foundations is increasing. Donors who decide to spend their philanthropic resources while alive employ different grantmaking strategies and have different goals than foundations that are planned to exist in perpetuity. On this call, Mr. LaMarche discussed the approaches taken by a large foundation that in keeping with its founder’s belief in giving while living will complete active grantmaking in 2016 and shut its doors by 2020. Ms. Hanisch described the thinking that led to the Quixote trustees’ decision to accelerate grantmaking and end this small, Seattle-based foundation in 2017.


Listen to a recording of the teleconference (mp3)

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Lenore Harnisch, Quixote Foundation

Gara LaMarche, The Atlantic Philanthropies Lenore Hanisch, The Quixote Foundation