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The New Year Brings a New Home for Elev8

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This is to announce that the Elev8 Initiative is moving to a new home effective January 1, 2011.  We are thrilled to announce that Youth Development Incorporated (YDI) has made a commitment to incorporate Elev8’s full service community school approach, and the current Elev8 staff, into its operations. 

For those of you not familiar with YDI, it has been operating throughout the State since 1971, with a mission of helping children, youth and families achieve their full potential.  YDI, which recently received national recognition as an exemplar in quality child care, offers an array of services ranging from early childhood education and school based tutoring, to emergency shelters, housing and work force development.  The leadership at YDI views Elev8 as a complement to the programs it offers, with the added benefit of attracting seasoned professionals to continue to guide the effort.  The New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF), which completed the important work of incubating Elev8 over the last four years, embraces the new partnership with YDI as the logical next step in the evolution of Elev8.  Transitioning Elev8 to YDI ensures that services and supports remain in place, while also grounding the work much more deeply in community.

YDI and its newly acquired Elev8 staff look forward to continuing to serve students and families at Gadsden, Laguna, Wilson and Grant Middle Schools, as well as the Native American Community Academy.  With the new leadership at YDI and partners, Elev8 plans to advance deeper community engagement to inform and expand services and to promote progressive policy changes. 


Advocacy Partner to Lead Elev8-Connected Social Justice Campaigning

New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty, a long-term Elev8 New Mexico advocacy partner, will lead organizing and advocacy efforts connected to Elev8 and two social justice issue areas in New Mexico beginning in 2011.  The policy campaigns will focus on progressive school discipline policies and expanding access to healthcare (Medicaid & CHIP) for children. The Center will work with Youth Development, Inc. and in partnership with organizations and individuals to build leadership and capacity among students, parents and community members to advocate and organize to win systemic changes and move towards racial equity.  New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty will also become the new home of Elev8’s current organizing team: Enrique Jauregui, Shad Goldstein, and Kim Zamarin.     


Elev8 is an Atlantic grantee.

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