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New scholarship created

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Cummings Zuill is a member of the Atlantic Philanthropies Board of Directors. The Centre on Philanthropy is an Atlantic grantee.

By Ruth O’Kelly-Lynch

A new scholarship for charity workers and those working with in faith-based associations has been created.

The Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award Scholarship is unique in that it focuses on individuals who are pursuing leadership training or skill development which would benefit both the individual and a third sector organisation.

The scholarship fund is endowed by The Atlantic Philanthropies in the amount of $1 million and is named in honour of Cummings Zuill, recognising his pioneering contribution to philanthropy in Bermuda, which included establishing the Centre on Philanthropy.

“Our intention is to ensure the Cummings V. Zuill Scholarship supports the needs of the local community, ” said committee chair Aideen Ratteray Pryse. “The goal is to nurture, sustain and grow the third sector by supporting educational and training opportunities that result in well-trained professionals.”

“The scholarship committee will consider a wide range of training and educational options, including in-service training, conferences, seminars and workshops, overseas training, degree programmes and academic credit leading to international certification of professionals.

“Also, it is our intention to accept applications on a quarterly basis — at the end of April, August, November and February each year — to better serve the immediate needs of third sector organisations.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for community-minded people demonstrating good character, leadership, enthusiasm and seriousness of purpose.”

The committee is now accepting applications from individuals pursuing a course of study that supports the work of the third sector in Bermuda

Application forms and scholarship guidelines can be downloaded from the Centre on Philanthropy web site,, and information is available, also, on the Bermuda Scholarships web site,

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