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New Interactive Video Educates Latino Youth About the Program and Includes a Chance to Win a Trip to Washington

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Today, NCLR is rolling out a new campaign, the Social Security VideoQuiz, to educate Latino youth about Social Security and what it means for them and their families. Social Security supports workers when they retire or if they become disabled, and if a parent dies, the program provides benefits to the family.

The campaign comes on the heels of a town hall held earlier this month in Philadelphia where Latino senior citizens and youth came together to voice their concerns about the future of the cherished program and talk about some of the misconceptions that many people have about it.

NCLR continues to work with seniors all across America, but today marks our push to educate America’s youth about just how important this program is to the Latino community. Two-thirds of Latino workers have jobs that do not offer any type retirement plan, which leaves these workers to depend more on Social Security in old age. For many Hispanic seniors, Social Security is often the only source of income. Furthermore, nearly three out of four Latino seniors receive Social Security benefits that help keep them out of poverty. In 2008 for example, 19.3% of Latino seniors lived below the poverty line; that number would stand at close to 50% without Social Security!


National Council of La Raza Video Quiz on Social Security

Visit to take the quiz.

Despite how much Hispanics depend on Social Security and how much it benefits whole families, Latino youth often have very little understanding of what the program does, how it works, or what’s at stake for the future. Of today’s 20 year olds, one in four will become disabled before age 67, and one in eight will die before that age; Social Security provides protection against loss of income in those situations. However, there are plans in Washington to cut Social Security benefits—and the cuts proposed would affect today’s young people the most.

To combat the lack of knowledge, NCLR has created the Social Security VideoQuiz that aims to increase understanding of Social Security so that young people are educated about the program and can help their families claim the benefits that they deserve. This interactive video features a group of Washington, DC teens answering questions about the program.

The VideoQuiz clears up common misconceptions that youth might have about Social Security and includes a message from Congressman Xavier Becerra (D–CA) as well as a downloadable, bilingual information page to aid communicating with family members.

But wait, there’s more.

NCLR wants to hear from you, and we’re giving away a special gift to entice your help. After you watch the VideoQuiz, tell us what you think about Social Security. What does it mean to you? What kind of impact has it had on your family or your life? What would you or your family do if there was no such thing as Social Security?

We’re looking for video responses, so send us a link to your video. We’ll accept flip-cam videos, cell phone responses, professional-grade productions, or anything—just get your video up and tell us what you think.

Here’s the best part: in mid-June, the maker of NCLR’s favorite response will win a flight to Washington, DC and a free registration to our Annual Lideres Summit, the premier Latino youth leadership conference! If you’re the winner, we’ll put you up in a hotel for the Conference, and you’ll get to meet other inspiring Latinos from all over the country. It’s a fantastic opportunity! See contest details are here.

Now check out our VideoQuiz and start recording those responses! 

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