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Minister takes a stand

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Irish Independent |

Trinity College Dublin has opened a new 30m state-of-the-art sports centre, partly funded by billionaire American philanthropist Chuck Feeney and the university’s students.

Facilities in the building on the corner of Pearse Street and Westland Row include a 25-metre swimming pool and a spectacular 19-metre climbing wall.

Mr. Feeney’s Atlantic Philanthropies donated 9m, while a levy on students contributed a further 4m between 1998 and 2003, to which students agreed in a referendum.

It is one of many donations to TCD by Atlantic Philanthropies, which has been a significant benefactor to Irish third-level colleges.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Sports Minister Seamus Brennan said sport and recreation played a hugely important role in university life and never more so than in today’s hectic environment.

Our picture, by Niall Carson, shows Mr. Brennan speaking at the opening.


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