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Mayors Call For Expanded Learning

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The US Conference of Mayors calls for investments in school-community partnerships to support “full day” learning.

The US Conference of Mayors passed a resolution calling on federal, state and local governments to invest in coordinated, expanded learning or “full day” strategies that integrate community after-school programs and organizations into the school day. The mayors voted to support a strategy of building city-wide systems so that all students in grades kindergarten through high school can learn from after-school experiences that are aligned with the school day; provided by well-trained staff; and evaluated for their benefits to kids. The mayors also called for nonprofit intermediary organizations and public/private partnerships to coordinate schools and community organizations within cities to give more kids access to strong, expanded learning programs.

The resolution was co-sponsored by mayors David N. Cicilline of Providence, Sheila Dixon of Baltimore and Gavin Newsom of San Francisco.

Visit the US Conference of Mayors Web site to read the full resolution.

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