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Life After Death Row

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Three unjustly convicted people who spent years in prison and then were exonerated tell 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley how they are adjusting to being free.

On 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley interviews a man who spent 30 years on death row before being exonerated. 60 Minutes producer Henry Schuster joins CBSN with more on the story of Ray Hinton and what led to his arrest.

About 10 times a month now, an innocent person is freed from an American prison. They’re exonerated, sometimes after decades, because of new evidence, new confessions or the forensic science of DNA. There is joy the day that justice arrives, but we wondered, what happens the day after?

You’re about to meet three people who have returned to life from unjust convictions. One of them, Ray Hinton, was on death row. He remembers, too vividly, the Alabama electric chair and the scent that permeated the cell block when a man was met by 2,000 volts. Hinton waited his turn for nearly 30 years until this past April.

That’s when Ray Hinton stepped out of the shadow of execution. Taking the first steps that he chose for himself since 1985.

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Witness to Innocence is a grantee (via a re-grant from Proteus Action League) of Atlantic’s Reconciliation & Human Rights programme in the United States, which funds efforts to abolish the death penalty.

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