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Launch of Groundbreaking Guidance for School Principals on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Students

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Minister Seán Haughey TD today launched a groundbreaking new publication Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Students in Post Primary Schools – Guidance for Principals and School Leaders developed jointly by the Department of Education and GLEN.

This the first comprehensive guidance for schools on sexual orientation that has the backing of all the education partners – the school management bodies, national parents councils, trade unions and principals’ professional bodies. The breakthrough importance of the involvement of all these stakeholders at a national level is an important recognition of the difficulties faced by young gay people in schools and of the stakeholders determination to address those difficulties.

Sandra Gowran, Director of Education Policy at GLEN outlined how they were designed to equip school Principals to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay and bisexual student by implementing measures such as promoting positive visibility of LGB students and developing zero-tolerance policies on homophobic bullying in their schools. The Department will be sending the Guidance out to all schools this week.

The Minister, launching the Guidance, stated clearly that homophobic bullying was unacceptable, and called for thorough implementation of the guidelines to ensure that lesbian and gay students are safe and supported in schools and achieve their full educational and personal potential. Clive Byrne, Director of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals, also speaking at the launch, wholeheartedly welcomed the Guidance and confirmed that they have already begun the rollout and training of Principals on implementing the guidelines.

Contact Sandra Gowran, Director of Education Policy at GLEN for further information or see the Ministers speech, the Guidelines and Summary Insert, and As Gailge, Press Release etc. at

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