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Keeping Children Fit (1 Letter)

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The New York Times (Science Times) |

Original Source Letters To the Editor: As Tara Parker-Pope points out in ” School Is Out, and Nutrition Takes a Hike (Well, June 24), summer is a time when many kids’ eating habits suffer. But the danger goes beyond cheese fries. Keeping kids mentally and physically active is just as important as good nutrition. Research shows that kids lose academic skills over the summer. Far too many kids still struggle to find healthy meals, educational opportunities and adequate adult supervision when the school doors close. Our nation must address this gap in summer resources by providing funding for, and access to, high-quality summer programs. The health and well being of our nation’s children depends upon it. Brenda McLaughlin Springfield, Pa. The writer is director of research and evaluation at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Summer Learning. The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Summer Learning is an Atlantic grantee.

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