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Improving the Way We Vote Will Ensure Democracy

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To the Editor: Re ”No One Should Have to Stand in Line for 10 Hours to Vote,” by Adam Cohen (Editorial Observer, Aug. 26): Our voting system is a proud one, but one in need of immediate help and long-term attention. In the short term, election officials must ensure that enough trained poll workers are available and that the standards and regulations of our current patchwork system are followed and enforced. All who are eligible to vote must be able to do so and have their votes count on Election Day. The country should also begin a larger dialogue on how to develop some lasting improvements. Several members of Congress have proposed measures to ensure that America’s democratic process serves its people and continues to be a system worthy of the world’s greatest democracy. Now is the time to examine the merits of their ideas. Michael Waldman Executive Director Brennan Center for Justice, New York University New York, Aug. 28, 2008

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