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Improving Access to Health Care for Older Adults

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National Senior Citizens Law Center |

The National Senior Citizens Law Center is launching a new campaign to use strategic litigation and administrative policy advocacy to protect low income older adults’ access to affordable health care. The campaign is supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Now is a time when legal advocacy on behalf of low income older adults is crucial. The economic crisis is putting extraordinary pressure on states to seek cuts in Medicaid expenditures, and on the federal government to find savings in Medicare. The elderly poor, who rely most on government healthcare programs, are at great risk from these pressures.

As part of this campaign, NSCLC will:

  • Work with local and national advocates to identify legal issues restricting older adults’ access to health care.
  • Develop legal strategies for addressing these issues including impact litigation when necessary.
  • Provide regular alerts to local advocates about common, systemic violations of the law for which they should be on the lookout.
  • Create trainings and educational materials that flag legal issues for non-legal advocates.

Get Involved. Join our network of advocates to be part of this effort to ensure that low-income older adults have access to the health care services they need.

Since 1972, the National Senior Citizens Law Center has worked to promote the independence and well-being of low-income elderly and disabled Americans, especially women, people of color, and other disadvantaged minorities. Because we believe in publicly-funded safety net programs, we work to preserve and strengthen Medicaid, Medicare Part D, Social Security and SSI. To guarantee fair treatment, we work for greater access to federal courts for individuals and for better enforcement of consumer’s legal rights in safety net programs. NSCLC works toward an America in which elderly people and people with disabilities can live in dignity and safety, free of the worries and pain of poverty, able to afford health care to the end of their days, and able to contribute to their families and societies to the best of their abilities. More information about NSCLC can be found at

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