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Immersion Institutes for Journalists Commences June 7

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The Atlantic Philanthropies |

Commencing Monday, June 7, The New York Times and The Atlantic Philanthropies will launch a series of three institutes for journalists relating to issues at the leading edge of the news. The first, The Age Boom Academy, takes place next week at The International Longevity Center, New York.

The second institute, Good Schools and Bad Schools, will be conducted at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism from September 29 to October 2. The third, on Immigration Law and Policy in Today’s Evolving America, will be taught at the University of California Graduate Schools of Law and Journalism in Berkeley from November 7 to 11.

The 15 fellows in each institute are selected from among scores of applicants – editors, producers, reporters and bloggers from around the country who are already interested in the institute topic and in developing expertise and connection to news sources. The institute seminars are conducted by well-known authorities, including Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners such as Joseph Stiglitz, economist and professor at Columbia University, and Dr. Eric Kandel, medical researcher and also professor at Columbia.           

Each Times/Atlantic institute follows an immersion pattern, with seminars, field trips and other studies from breakfast through to evening. The Age Boom Academy, for example, will cover the social, political, economic and health aspects of an aging America and will include a visit to The Times offices and a discussion with New York Times editors and writers. The three 2010 institutes follow in a tradition established at The Times since the year 2000. Through 2009, there were 60 institutes with 700 journalists participating.

 “The media world seems to be changing almost daily. But there are some constant factors.  No matter whether journalists report online, on the air or in print, they can’t be any better than what they know. Our aim here is to help them become truly expert in their fields.”  Jack Rosenthal, Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Philanthropies