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ICCL’s and Ireland’s examination under the ICCPR in Geneva and companion website

Resource type: News This week (14 & 15 July), Ireland’s performance under the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) will come under formal examination by the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC) in Geneva. In preparation for this Free Legal Advice Centres, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, and the Irish Penal Reform Trust have compiled and published a Shadow Report on Ireland’s performance under the ICCPR. The Shadow Report has been endorsed by a wide range of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), religious and education bodies. A website has also been established at which gives full information about the Report’s launch on Monday morning at the Westbury, the HRC, ICCPR, the role of NGOs, the shadow reporting process, the lunchtime NGO session, and information about the Shadow Report and the organisations who produced and endorsed it. Part of this is a ‘resource download library’, where related UN, Government, NGO and other documents can be downloaded (including the submissions already available on the UN site). The aim of the site is to provide full information on the examination process in one place, and to underline the collaborative effort that is being made by Irish NGOs throughout the process in Geneva. The website will also provide live updates and press coverage throughout the process.

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