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Filmmakers Against Racism documents xenophobic violence in South Africa

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In May 2008, a group of South African filmmakers and producers joined forces to create documentaries and Public Service Announcements to address the recent xenophobic violence in their country. This organisation is called Filmmakers Against Racism (FAR).

From the FAR website (

We proudly declare ourselves as Africans first, and South Africans second. This campaign is a statement of solidarity towards a more tolerant and unified continent.

Filmmakers Against Racism (FAR) an initiative launched on 23rd May in response to the shocking wave of xenophobic violence hitting South Africa will be producing six 24-minute documentaries, as well as eight 30-second Public Service Announcements, which will be broadcast by SABC, and hopefully and MNET as well as community TV stations.

Filmmakers Against Racism is supported by the South African Screen Federation and the Independent Producers Organization and brings together a collective of reputable film production houses and individual talent, in collaboration with independent producers and directors.

Our collective vision is to promote racial unity not division as we tackle the growing social and economic concerns we face as a nation. Targeting the most vulnerable people in society displaces the blame for growing social and economic problems on to the very people who have sought refuge from violence and poverty in their countries of origin. There is no excuse for the violent attacks on people and long-term, sustainable solutions to inequality, founded on the principles of unity and tolerance, need to be emphasized.

Thus we will seek to make a series of PSAs and documentaries that are underpinned by our view that we are all African and will be a call for compassion and solidarity with all Africans seeking refuge and a better life in SA.

The films will seek to remind us that we fought a long hard battle to overcome the brutal forces of racism in South Africa we cannot let racism defeat us again.

If you would like to participate by offering your time, filmmaking skills or resources, please contact:
More information, photography and videos are available on the Filmmakers Against Racism web site.