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Every Child Matters Launches National TV Ad Campaign

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Every Child Matters is an Atlantic grantee.

This past weekend, Every Child Matters launched a national television ad campaign aimed at garnering support for the child-friendly investments in President Obama’s budget.

The ad, which debuted on Sunday, expresses strong support for the “Child Safety Net” in President Obama’s budget. The Child Safety Net is a series of programs that help children lead healthy lives and gives them a chance to grow up to be productive citizens. Research shows that when the basic needs of children are not being met– when they are abused, neglected, hungry, homeless or otherwise not fully supported, they all too often turn to an adulthood lived on public assistance or in crime.

By investing in children early, we can avoid the great social cost associated with supporting those who cannot support themselves. The ad makes this point by contrasting the lives of two children, one who gets support and one who does not, and closes with a message: “America’s children need the President’s budget – because Every Child Matters.”

The ad is currently running in Maine, Nebraska, and Louisiana, and will begin running nationally this coming Sunday. Click here to view the ad.

Thank you for your help to make children a political priority.

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