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Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted From Purpose

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Are nonprofits overburdened and less effective as a result of grantmakers’ application and reporting requirements? This research report commissioned by Project Streamline found that the current system creates significant burdens on the time, energy and ultimate effectiveness of nonprofit practitioners.  The report examines current application and reporting practices and their impact on grantmakers and grant seekers alike, and recommends ways to address flaws.

This report, based on a survey, interviews, literature, and data, examines the inefficiencies of current grant application and reporting practices. The report also recommends streamlining strategies such as creating data repositories and common application and reporting platforms.

Read the press releaseexecutive summary, or the full report, or see more information.

Project Streamline is a collaborative effort of organizations from both sides of the grantmaker/grantseeker divide who are studying grant application and reporting practices, their impact on grantseekers and grantmakers, and the implications for the field.

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