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Closing the Gap in 3rd Grade Reading Levels: Lessons from Three Inner City Elementary Schools

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Education Week |

Children who read at grade level by third grade are more likely to graduate from high school, and high school graduates are more likely to pursue further education and be employed, with higher incomes and better health, than their peers who drop out. But many of our nation’s minority and disadvantaged children are behind before they even start kindergarten, and the deficit is too vast to overcome in just a few years of schooling. In the May 7th issue of Education Week, Rhonda H. Lauer, Chief Executive Officer of Foundations, Inc., offers practical suggestions for helping children meet this important milestone, using examples drawn from three urban elementary schools in the School District of Philadelphia.

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Foundations, Inc. is committed to building the quality of educational opportunities for children, youth, and families through work with public and charter schools, school districts, education and community-based organizations, and the afterschool field. As a capacity-building organization, Foundations focuses on professional development, technical assistance, program development, and supporting tools, publications, and services.

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