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‘Census for young people’ poses challenging questions

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By Sirkka Huish.

Bermuda’s young people are to be quizzed to find out what has made them who they are today.

Thousands of 18 to 35-year-olds are going to be put on the spot about issues such as sex before marriage, teenage pregnancy and religious beliefs.

The hard-hitting survey — which is being dubbed the ‘Young People’s Census’ — will try to “get into the heads” of males and females from all backgrounds.

It is hoped that 25 per cent of that age group will answer the survey’s 80 questions, including those who “sit on the street corner”.

The survey has been drawn up by Youth on the Move to data will be collected over several weeks by volunteers.

Carlton Simmons, president of Youth on the Move, said: “It will give us an idea of what’s affecting our young people and to what degree.

“We want to find out the state of our young people and the information will be used to help shape Bermuda.

Having babies

“It will show us facts and figures about who is in debt, how many people are having babies at a young age and the use of illegal drugs.”

The Young People’s Census will ask basic questions about a person’s background and interests, before delving deeper into their “views, thoughts and opinions.”

This will include their outlook on marriage, their perception of sexual orientation and religious beliefs. The survey will also have a strong emphasis on money matters to find out who and why young people get into debt.

It is said that the survey “won’t take very long to complete” as most questions require only a yes or no answer or the choosing of a number from one to 10.

Groups such as the Human Rights Commission have been consulted on the survey and Mr. Simmons says “the feedback has been nothing but positive”.

The survey is in its “early days” but about 30 young people have already answered the questions.

A team of volunteers will go out into the community on Friday and Saturday nights to talk to people hanging out. Specific youth organisations will also be visited.

Mr. Simmons admits the results of the survey could be “quite shocking” as he expects them to show how many young people are in debt and how few of them believe in God.

He said: “We want to get the word out that we are doing this and why we are doing this.

“We are hoping to speak to as many people as possible. We have to fill this void and find out information about this sector, their characteristics and their interests. A lot of this information isn’t available in Bermuda, it’s just not known. This survey will gather hard data.”

Youth on the Move is looking for about 50 volunteers to help carry out the survey “from Somerset to St. George’s and everywhere in between”.

Youth on the Move is an Atlantic grantee.

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