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Businessman Mervyn McCall Explains Why He Has Set Up a £500,000 Philanthropy Fund

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By Mervyn McCall

Inspired by philanthropists like Chuck Feeney, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, I had been thinking for some time about the type of charitable contribution I would like to make in Northern Ireland.

In the end I was simply driven by the desire that for all the success and good luck I have enjoyed in business, I wanted to give something back.

I believe I’ve benefitted enormously from the help of others as well as enjoying a lot of good luck along the way. Those lucky breaks are why I feel so strongly about giving something back. My parents didn’t have much money, and the reality is, today a lot of people are finding things very tough too.

The final piece fell into place following an encounter with Raymond, a Carrick taxi driver, which fully ignited my desire to set up my own charitable Fund.

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