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Community Pulse: Oakland School District is building eight school-based health centers

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By Erica Mu.

The Pulse pulls together the week’s community health, healthcare, medical and health research headlines. Below is an excerpt.

Community Pulse

It takes a village to keep a clinic open – at least that’s the case with Lyon-Martin Health Services, San Francisco’s Castro-based health center. The clinic was supposed to close its doors last Thursday after the Board determined its financial situation too dire, but a weekend of community fundraising has brought the clinic within $50,000 of the needed $250,000 to keep its doors open…

A report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that only half of eligible Californians received food stamps in 2008 – the second-lowest rate in the nation. The USDA is urging the state government to consider easing its program requirements, which currently make recipients report their income every three months, twice that of other states…

Despite a drop in state funding, the Oakland School District is building eight school-based health centers – more than doubling the current number. The district, along with Los Angeles Unified, is drawing upon a variety of sources to fund the effort, including voter-approved bond money, fees from Medical and grants from Atlantic Philanthropies and Kaiser Permanente. The announcement comes just one month after Oakland-based non-profit Children Now gave the state a D+ for children’s health coverage…


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