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ASP Receives $4.5 Million Grant to Support Second Phase of T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program

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Association of Specialty Professors (ASP) |

Atlantic Philanthropies (USA) extends funding to offer awards through 2010

Press Release

Contact:Irene S. Sonu

Telephone: (202) 861-6900


The Association of Specialty Professors (ASP) is pleased to announce that it has received a renewal grant of $4.5 million from the Atlantic Philanthropies (USA), Inc. to support 45 more T. Franklin Williams Scholars.

ASP will offer 45 awards from 2007 to 2010, following the current grant cycle which offers awards through 2006.Each award is valued at a minimum of $150,000.Through the Atlantic Philanthropies’ generosity, the program will continue to successfully launch the careers of several classes of academic leaders, promoting excellence at the interface between geriatric and subspecialty medicine.

“I am delighted ASP will be able to continue supporting the next generation of leaders in geriatric subspecialty medicine,” stated Kevin P. High, MD, principal investigator of the T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program and ASP President.Dr. High added:“Continuing the program will facilitate the creation of a critical mass of internal medicine subspecialists advancing research, education, and care of the expanding elderly population.”

Christopher Langston, PhD, Senior Program Officer at Atlantic Philanthropies stated, “We are extremely pleased by the success of the T. Franklin Williams Scholars in increasing the focus on aging and the care of older patients within the specialty fields of internal medicine. That ASP and so many specialty societies are partners in the project is a testament to their commitment to our shared goal of improving the health care available to older adults.”

The T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program offers two- to four-year career development awards to junior faculty conducting research on a geriatric aspect of their internal medicine subspecialty.The program currently offers the awards in nine internal medicine subspecialties through the following partnering internal medicine subspecialty societies:

·American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

·American College of Rheumatology Research and Education Foundation.

·American Diabetes Association.

·American Geriatrics Society.

·American Heart Association and Society for Geriatric Cardiology.

·American Society of Clinical Oncology.

·American Society of Nephrology.

·CHEST Foundation of the AmericanCollege of Chest Physicians.

·Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Continuation of the Williams Scholars Program builds on the successes of the current program, which has identified 30 successful junior subspecialists.Of the 14 Williams Scholars identified in 2002 and 2003, seven scholars have earned mid-career development awards from US government agencies.Funded scholars have published 27 peer-reviewed journal articles and presented 37 abstracts based on their work under the award.As a national source of funding for junior faculty interested in researching a geriatric aspect of an internal medicine subspecialty, the T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program will continue to help recipients mature into future leaders within their subspecialty and promote the importance of geriatrics within internal medicine.

The John A. Hartford Foundation funded the initial pilot of the T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program and continues to support the travel of scholars to annual scientific meetings.

Please contact ASP Grants Assistant Irene S. Sonu at (202) 861-6900 or for more information about the T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program.

About the Association of Specialty Professors (ASP)

ASP is the organization of specialty internal medicine divisions at medical schools and community teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada.ASP is the only organization that focuses specifically on providing training and educational opportunities for internal medicine division chiefs and fellowship training program directors.The T. Franklin Williams Scholars Program is part of ASP’s Geriatrics Development Initiative.

About the Atlantic Philanthropies

The Atlantic Philanthropies are a group of Bermuda-based charitable foundations whose grant investments are focused internationally in four programme fields: Ageing, Disadvantaged Children and Youth, Population Health and Reconciliation and Human Rights.