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ANC Meeting with LGBTI

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A delegation of the African National Congress led by the Secretary General Comrade Gwede Mantashe, met representatives of the Lesbian, Gays, Transgender, Bisexual and Intersex (LGBTI) persons today (08 August 8, 2012) at the ANC Head Quarters in Johannesburg. The meeting was requested by the LGBTI following a number of attacks and murders on their members allegedly because of homophobic reasons. They also raised challenges their members face in the rural areas where a number of these attacks and murders have happened.

According to LGBTI, there is limited success in the prosecution of those arrested for homophobic violence. This failure by law enforcement to deal with homophobic violence undermines their rights. They also raised concern about the silence of the ANC against those who belong to the ANC, when they utter homophobic sentiments.

The LGBTI has also raised concern about the gender policy of the ANC and that it does not go far enough to address the issue of Gender preference.

The ANC responded by saying that the current Constitution which protects the rights of people despite their sexual orientation was championed by the ANC.  It was further pointed out that the ANC, as a progressively inclusive organization, was not averse to the views and interest of LGBTI and does not support homophobic views even those of our members including public representatives.

The ANC has committed itself to raise the concerns with the Justice cluster to ensure that these attacks and murders of members of LBGTI are dealt with decisively. The ANC has agreed with LGBTI on the need for continuous education of communities on the adherence to human rights stipulations as contained in our in our Constitution and our Bill of rights that includes respect for gays and lesbians. This can be achieved through deliberate campaigns in our communities.

A Joint Committee between the ANC and the LGBTI has been established with an intention of designing a campaign of educating our communities about the rights of gays and lesbians as fellow South Africans, whose right need to be respected and protected.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
ANC National Spokesperson
Keith Khoza 0828239672
Ishmael Mnisi 0823335550 

LGBTI Representatives
Jabu Pereira from Iranti-Org 082 957 5349
Zoleka. FEW 011 403 1907
Virginia Setshedi 0820823059

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