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Advocacy Q&A with Gara LaMarche in Responsive Philanthropy magazine

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Original Source NCRP LOOKS AT CREATING IMPACT Highlights two major foundations’ funding for community organizing and advocacy, and critical role of nonprofit leadership WASHINGTON, D.C.-The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released today the summer edition of Responsive Philanthropy. This issue features articles on the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation’s support for community organizing, an interview with The Atlantic Philanthropies’ chief executive, and the role of nonprofit leadership in the accountability crisis facing the charitable sector. It also includes an assessment of the Council on Foundation’s recent leadership summit. Foundations traditionally have shied away from supporting policy advocacy and organizing, said Aaron Dorfman, NCRP’s executive director. The C. S. Mott Foundation and The Atlantic Philanthropies serve as role models to other foundations who are interested in taking the leap, recognizing that this is one of the most effective ways to have positive impact in our communities.” In the lead article, Christine A.W. Doby, a program officer for The C.S. Mott Foundation, writes about the history and substantial successes of Mott’s Pathways Out of Poverty Program, which started as a tool to reduce poverty and increase civic engagement. The challenge before us is not that nothing can be done to reduce poverty, Doby writes. The challenge is building a constituency of citizens who will generate the new ideas and political will to place poverty at the center of the nation’s policy agenda. In an interview with NCRP, Gara LaMarche, president and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, discusses the first of Atlantic Reports, Why Supporting Advocacy Makes Sense for Foundations. He also talks about the challenges of advocacy grantmaking, the importance of multi-year and core operating support, and the foundation’s evaluation process. Gary Snyder, managing director of Nonprofit Imperative, shares his views on how the charitable sector is facing a crisis caused by poor accountability and lack of transparency that have eroded the public’s trust. According to Snyder, the real problem is the lack of leadership-both of the sector and among many nonprofits. Finally, Aaron Dorfman, executive director of NCRP, offers his list of the best and worst about the Council on Foundation’s recent leadership summit Free to NCRP members, Responsive Philanthropy is also available to non-members for $25 annually. To subscribe, please visit For a complimentary media copy, contact Yna Moore ( NCRP is a national watchdog, research and advocacy organization that promotes philanthropy that serves the public good, is responsive to people and communities with the least wealth and opportunity, and is held accountable to the highest standards of integrity and openness. For more information on NCRP or to join, please visit or call (202) 387-9177. Download a PDF of the Q&A with Gara LaMarche below.