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Showcasing and Strengthening Models of Community-based Elder-Led Advocacy

Resource type: Grants

Granted to Community Initiatives


To create a fund that provides small grants to 10-15 older adult-led, community-based grassroots advocacy groups for capacity-building and/or general support, technical assistance and resources such as leadership development and advocacy training and strategic communications skills to strengthen their ability to be strong advocates. In addition, to create a shared learning network that connects to national policy issues and provides a forum for exchange of best practices in elder-led advocacy and for these experts in the field to explain how to support and strengthen their work.

Grant Amount


Year Awarded



39 Months

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Global Impact:

United States

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Foundation Center Themes:

Senior Civic Engagement, Civic Participation & Civil Society, Citizen Coalitions

Foundation Center Approaches:

Advocacy, Technical Assistance, Leadership Development