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African Women Leaders in Agriculture and the Environment

Resource type: Grants

Granted to Winrock International


To provide for 20 fellows in the African Women Leaders in Agriculture and the Environment (AWLAE) program to make short 3-5 month study trips outside Africa; to help establish an Internet network to coordinate technical training and professional networking among AWLAE fellows, institutional partners, and professional associations; to provide funds for grants to AWLAE’s partner universities for purchasing books and equipment to expand resources in agriculture, envionment, and gender issues and conduct special training or projects; to furtner strenthen the AWLAE’s institutional structure; and to expand AWLAE in South Africa, Namibia and Ethopia.

Grant Amount


Year Awarded



85 Months

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Historical Programme Affiliations:

Community Development and Civic Engagement

Foundation Center Themes:

Rural Development

Foundation Center Approaches:

Fellowships, Technical Assistance, Professional Development