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A Partnership for Nursing Education in the Pacific: Collaborative Action by the Schools of Nursing at UCSF and CUH

Resource type: Grants

Granted to Chaminade University of Honolulu


To establish a distinguished visiting faculty in the Chaminade University of Honolulu(CUH) Nursing Program to help provide professional development for the faculty in two key areas. As part of the Nursing Education Exchange, members of the faculty will spend two summers in San Francisco working closely with the University of California (UCSF), nurse faculty in order to develop expertise in the area of advanced simulation and develop a strategic plan for opening the first nurse-run clinic in an underserved area of Oahu.

Grant Amount


Year Awarded



24 Months

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Higher Education

Global Impact:

United States

Historical Programme Affiliations:

Founding Chairman

Foundation Center Themes:

Nursing, Medical Education

Foundation Center Approaches:

Professional Development, Exchange Programs, Strategic Planning