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Evaluation of The Atlantic Philanthropies Migration Programme

Resource type: Evaluation

RAND Europe |

Over the course of the 1990s and continuing through 2007, Ireland experienced a substantial increase in migration. The large influx of people from other countries seeking a better life placed pressures on the existing legislative framework that regulated the rights of migrants. It also put new demands on government agencies and other organizations serving migrants.

An analysis Atlantic conducted in 2004 detailed the difficulties facing organizations in Ireland providing support and advocating for policy and legislative changes for migrants. In response Atlantic invested $40 million between 2004 and 2016 to both advance the work of these organizations and develop a field that would collaborate on improving the lives of migrants.

An evaluation by RAND Europe found that by 2014, Atlantic’s investments resulted in a more robust and professional network of organizations working collectively to improve the lives of migrants in Ireland. Specifically, the evaluation found advances in:

  • Policy and practices
  • Increased public awareness and understanding of migrant issues
  • Development of an evidence base
  • Growth of networks and collaboration
  • Contributions to capacity building

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