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The New Look of Health Care in Viet Nam

Building and upgrading 800 commune health centres brought health care access to 9 million.

Promoting Health in Viet Nam

A look at our work improving health for all people in Viet Nam.
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Some groups of people in Viet Nam receive health care that differs greatly in quality and access from the care offered to others. Among those who receive the lowest quality care and experience the poorest health outcomes are rural populations, the urban poor, ethnic minorities, women, older adults, children and others.

Between 1999 and 2013, Atlantic invested in efforts to improve quality of life and promote health equity for all people in Viet Nam. We supported:

  • Comprehensive change in primary care, including new facilities and training programmes for medical professionals
  • Enhancements to the nursing profession
  • Critical skills training to primary care doctors, physician assistants, midwives, and social and community mental health workers
  • Improving the delivery of primary health care
  • Successful campaigns for policy and behavioural changes in tobacco control and injury prevention

Our work with the government of Viet Nam provided significant matching support, widespread policy change and institutional reform. With these improvements, Viet Nam can address local health challenges, improve preventive care and encourage healthy behaviours.

As a limited life foundation, we concluded our grantmaking in Viet Nam in 2013.

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Key Achievements

More skilled doctors
and nurses

  • Leveraged government funding to train primary health doctors, develop the social work profession and a mental health services network
  • Developed the first competency standards for nurse training, approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Established palliative care training programmes and piloted a model of home-based palliative care service

Better health care delivery

  • Over 9 million people now receive quality primary health care services through 800 local commune health centres that Atlantic built or revitalised
  • First-ever cardiac transplant performed by Vietnamese doctors at Hue General Hospital without support of foreign experts
  • Secured legislation requiring helmets on motorbikes, reducing related deaths by 12% and injuries by 24% in the first year

Stronger institutions

  • Built capacity for two leading public health training and research institutions
  • Initiated the redevelopment of the National Hospital of Paediatrics
  • Established the Ireland-Vietnam Blood-borne Viral Initiative Laboratory at the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Ha Noi

Government commitment

  • More than doubled ROI in health care system improvements
  • Atlantic's $259 million investment to treat Viet Nam’s health care system secured $690 million in matching funds from both national and provincial governments and other donors

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