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Meet the 2012 Purpose Prize Winners

10 December 2012 - Original Source

By Marc Freedman

If you're looking for inspiration, here are five stories that reveal the power of social innovation – and the capacity of individuals in their encore careers.

I'm proud to introduce this year's $100,000 Purpose Prize winners. Each of them identified a significant, seemingly intractable social problem. Guided by experience, drawing on creativity and anchored in pragmatism, they set out to find solutions. In their 60s, they are changing the world, and with it perceptions of what is possible for millions of others flooding into the second half of life.

Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal

Agrawal, 68, brings safe drinking water to six villages in India, home to 10,000 people. He's doing it by collecting rain.

> More about Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal

Susan Burton

Burton, 61, a former drug addict, was in and out of jail for 20 years. Now she helps formerly incarcerated women in Los Angeles stay out of jail.

> More about Susan Burton

Judy Cockerton

Cockerton, 61, winner of this year's Purpose Prize for Intergenerational Innovation, sponsored by AARP, creates innovative ways people can help foster kids in Massachusetts – including serving as "honorary grandparents."

> More about Judy Cockerton

Thomas Cox

Cox, 68, a pro bono lawyer in Maine who exposed massive fraud among mortgage lenders, teaches other lawyers how to protect homeowners from unfair lending practices.

> More about Thomas Cox

Lorraine Decker

Decker, 64, is taking her know-how as a financial planner to help low-income families in Houston earn more and to prepare teens for the financial rigors of adulthood.

> More about Lorraine Decker

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