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Justice is Too Important to be Left Solely to the Lawyers

The Irish Times

28 November 2011 - Original Source
At the core of the transitional justice approach is the belief that amnesia is never a solution, and that moving forward can only genuinely occur through coming to terms with the past.
- Bill Rolston, Director of the Transitional Justice Institute in the University of Ulster 

In this opinion piece for The Irish Times, Professor Bill Rolston, Director of  the Transitional Justice Institute (TJI) at the University of Ulster reflects on the creation and accomplishments of TJI, which takes an interdisciplinary approach towards justice and peace-building. Since its creation in 2003, TJI has produced "world-class research on issues such as peace agreements, gender violence and conflict, amnesties, dealing with the past and memorialisation." 

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The Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster is an Atlantic grantee through the Reconciliation & Human Rights Programme in Northern Ireland, which seeks to build an enduring capacity to protect rights. 




Northern Ireland, reconciliation & human rights, The Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster

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