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Encore careers give 'retirees' another chance to do their dream jobs

Los Angeles Times

19 June 2008

A new wave of people take joy in switching to public-service work. Original Source By Maria L. La Ganga, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer After 50 years practicing dentistry in Santa Monica, Cal Kurtzman hung up his drill and embarked on a well-deserved second chapter of life. Not golf. Not rest. Not even volunteer work. Although he spent a short stint as an unpaid advocate for foster children, the families' problems were "really beyond the scope of my education." What he knew -- and loved -- was dentistry. So three years ago, Kurtzman outfitted his aging Nissan Pathfinder with the latest in portable dental technology and began treating frail, elderly patients and people with dementia in the familiar confines of their nursing home rooms. All of which, at age 74, makes him a trailblazer -- in the large and growing population of underserved elderly patients he treats and in the way he's living his own life. "As my practice and I got older, my patients got older," Kurtzman said. "I began to notice a lot of pat