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Report: Building a Movement for Elder Women’s Advocacy

The Womens Foundation of California

13 November 2009

A report offers three key recommendations for California advocates and policymakers to follow to ensure that elder women age with well-being, dignity and economic security, according to this report on The Elder Women’s Initiative, a 2008 effort to build a movement led by elder women and their allies to address these issues.

The Women's Foundation of California is an Atlantic grantee.

The Women’s Foundation of California is committed to building a movement led by diverse elder women and their allies to create a California where we can all age with dignity, well-being and economic security. The report Agenda for Action: Building a Movement for Elder Women’s Advocacy presents the findings from the Elder Women’s Initiative research and Speak-Outs organized through the combined efforts of The Women's Foundation of California, The California Endowment, UCSF Institute for Health & Aging, and the Insight Center for Community Economic Development.

California's aging population is rapidly increasing in number and diversity, and is expected to double in size by 2030. The ongoing recession and state budget crisis continue to cripple California’s economy and the state’s ability to fund essential safety net programs relied upon by elders. Elder women are further vulnerable in terms of health and economic security due to their roles as caregivers and wage earners. The Elder Women’s Initiative was launched in 2008 to build a movement led by elder women and their allies to address these issues and generate solutions. This report presents the Initiative’s findings and provides recommendations for how funders, policymakers, and advocates can ensure all Californians age with well-being, dignity and economic security. As part of this vision, the Women’s Foundation of California is proud to present the Executive Summary of this report as a free download in five languages: Simplified ChineseHmongKhmerKorean, and Spanish.

Authors: Carroll Estes, PhD; Sheryl Goldberg, PhD; Eva Williams; and Heather Wollin.

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