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The Atlantic Philanthropies Web site has been designed to be accessible, simple to use and easy to search.

If you are curious about Atlantic, click into the “About Atlantic” section at the top left. In this area, you will find a variety of information, including information about our history and founder, our Board and staff, financial and governance information, news and updates about us and our grantees, and selected items from the media.

To learn more about what we believe, including information about our commitment to social justice, our advocacy support, our mandate to help our grantees build capacity and sustainability, and other strategic imperatives by which we operate, click “What We Believe” (the second link from the top left).

If you are looking for our publications, strategic learnings or our approach to evaluation, click into “What We’re Learning,” the third link from top left. This section contains our publications, like the Atlantic Reports series, along with case studies, evaluations, and information about our approach to strategic learning.

Three additional links at the top of the page give you rapid access to key information about us, our programmes and our grantmaking:

  • Regions: An interactive map allows you to see Atlantic's areas of programme activity.
  • Programmes: Using this menu, you can jump immediately to any one of our four active programmes (by selecting an individual programme from the list), or to an overview of all of them (by clicking the main “Programmes” link).  Our Founding Chairman also submits grants to the Board for approval.
  • Grants: This area gives you an overview of our grantmaking activity, including our grants database (with information about grants from 2001 forward), grantee profiles and our funding policy.

At the top right of the page, you will note some important utilities and information:

  • Accessibility: Our statement regarding website accessibility.
  • Contact Us: This page has online forms you can use to contact our organization with different kinds of information requests, along with a link to our office locations.
  • Search: Our search allows you to search on any keyword, and the results page provides a means to filter and refine your results according to programme, region and other criteria.

Additional tools appearing in the right sidebar on certain pages give you the ability to view information related to the subject you are interested in, including:

  • Recommended items: Key publications, speeches and learnings selected by our editors.
  • Related items: News, publications and learnings that are topically related to the item you are viewing (for example, items relating to the same geographic region, programme or other topic of interest).

On many pages, you have the ability to set up an alert or feed on the given page using RSS, or the ability to email or bookmark the given page.

We will continuously work to improve our site. If you have any difficulty using the site or accessing information, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback.

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