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Queensland University of Technology

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Grant title Year awarded Grant amount
Implementation of Competency-Based Nurse Education in Viet Nam 2014-16 2013 $950,000
Improving Human Resources for Community Health Research in Central Viet Nam 2013 $500,000
Two-year Exchange Program: Queensland University of Technology and University of California, San Francisco Nursing Schools 2010 $274,529
Community, Science and Technology Precinct (CSTP) 2009 $16,087,500
Improving High Level Philanthropy in Australia 2008 $116,984
Strategic Development of Nursing through Nurse Education in Viet Nam 2008 $5,489,820
Assessing the current state of nursing profession and needs in Viet Nam 2007 $200,000
Improving the Capacity of Public Health Training Centres in Viet Nam 2006 $3,270,540
Assisting Three Faculties of Public Health in Viet Nam with Masterplanning 2005 $153,500
Centre for Physical Activity, Health and Clinical Education 2005 $15,349,995
Curriculum Development and Capacity Building at the Hanoi School of Public Health 2002 $926,960
National Centre of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Studies 2002 $387,525
Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health 2002 $362,207
Institute of Health Sciences 2001 $11,801,250
Capacity Building in Public Health Education at Hanoi School of Public Health 2001 $55,000
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