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Esther's Story: Walking Again Thanks to Adult Day Services

National Senior Citizens Law Center
Esther Darling, successful advocate for funding of adult day care, with  Dawn Myers Purkey, Program Manager of Woodland Healthcare, at the  Yolo Adult Day Health Center.“The first day I went to the centre, I was scared, I was in a wheelchair, and I was paralysed on the left side. Everybody was so friendly. My arm was frozen to my side, and now I can move it and I can open my left hand. They had to teach me how to dress again and walk again. They gave me my first walker. The social worker said, ‘How would you like to walk out of here?’ I said, ‘Don’t tease me.’ I walked out that night!”

-- Esther Darling describes her experience at the Woodland Healthcare Yolo Adult Day Health Center in Woodland, California

Since that first day in 1997, Esther has been going to the Adult Day Health Center five days a week, the only thing that has kept her from ending up in a nursing home. She has diabetes, post-stroke paralysis, atrial fibrillation, incontinence, edema, depression, hearing loss, hemorrhoids and gout. Everyday, a nurse at the centre manages Esther’s 19 medications, monitors her blood sugar and wate